Our Service Team

Stevie Rice

Chief Executive

Stevie Rice

I am passionate about wellbeing and good mental health – it’s something I live and breathe. I’m proud and excited to join the team and hope to use my experience to improve the ways in which we, as a society, view mental health, how we provide support and guidance, and how we encourage communities to stay well.

Lucy Adams

Community Development Director


I’m happy to be part of the Community Development team. We spend much of every day talking about mental health. At events, in the community, in businesses and at schools. Our mission is to raise awareness and funds in the most fun and creative way possible and encourage everyone to take mental health seriously.

Marie McEwen

Services Manager

I’m proud to work with a positive and proactive team, and I really look forward to work each day. It is so important to stop and engage with people around us, to show we care and to help each other. We need to talk more openly about mental health, which affects people of all ages, gender, and nationality.

Chris Morgan

Training & Development Consultant

I have a background in management, having been a director of an engineering company for 25 years. My work in mental health is inspired by my own experience of depression and subsequent recovery. I want to support West Kent Mind in any way that I can to continue delivering excellent services.

Katie Moss

Community Development Manager


Being part of the Community Development Team is a busy and varied role. I am very pleased to be part of the MH4 Schools Project, as raising much needed Mental Health awareness in our schools is very rewarding. As a counsellor I believe this work to be of invaluable importance for our young people’s future.

Brian Pugsley

Communications & Lead Counsellor


I worked in mental health near the start of my working life, then had a lengthy spell in sound engineering. Now I have trained as a counsellor, and I’m delighted to work on communications and media as well being the lead counsellor in our counselling service. My work has never felt more important or rewarding.

Diana Bartholomew

Solace Café Support Worker & MSG Facilitator


Mental health concerns us all, which is why I am so passionate about ensuring we have the best tools to take care of it. I’ve worked at West Kent Mind for 11 years and my time here has really highlighted to me how even a small amount of the right help can make a huge difference to people’s lives and happiness.

Mike Clarke

Solace Café Support Worker

Mike Clark

Having worked in the past with mental health and the arts, I am passionate about the importance of a holistic approach to psychological wellbeing, bringing everything to the table.

I’m very excited to be part of the team at the Solace Café.

Emma Crawford

MH4Schools Administration


It’s very important that people with mental health problems and their carers can say what they think about mental health services to the people who provide them, and I’m glad to part of a great team that makes that happen. These people are often stigmatised and ignored. Their voices need to be heard.

David Garrick

MHAG Coordinator


Since starting at WKM, I have found it a pleasure to work with such a friendly bunch, who are all committed to the cause of improving mental health across Kent. I look forward to using both my academic and applied experience to further this important work.

Lorraine Gibbs

Solace Café Manager

Lorraine Gibbs

I have enjoyed extensive work over 30 years with communities of all ages and backgrounds. A common factor I’ve encountered repeatedly is that listening and understanding can have a positive impact on our mental health. I’m excited about using this understanding with the team at the Solace Café in Tonbridge.

Hannah Haynes

Community Wellbeing Support Worker


I have always been passionate about arts in health and community development, and have worked in various settings since qualifying as an art therapist. I feel privileged to be working for such a wonderful organisation with such a great team. I particularly enjoy the Friday music group.

Caroline Hollobon

Projects Administrator


I have previously worked for a variety of companies and enjoy using my skills to provide administrative support. It is important to raise awareness of mental health problems and offer somewhere to go for help and support. I thoroughly enjoy being part of such an incredibly caring and professional team.

Daniel Huckfield

Community Wellbeing Support Worker

Daniel Huckfield

I came to West Kent Mind as a client, since then I’ve developed confidence and thanks to Mind and my partner’s help I’m now on the staff. I’m passionate about supporting and helping people on their personal journey. West Kent Mind has helped me so much, and I’m proud to be able to help people who need it now.

Cath Jackson

Hoarding Project Coordinator

Cath Jackson

After many years working in different support teams it’s really exciting to work on the New Beginnings hoarding project that makes use of all my previous and varied experience. It’s a joy to join such a dedicated and passionate team bringing so much to improve the lives of those with mental health difficulties.

Kasia Kalinowska

Housing Support Worker


It is absolutely brilliant that we are able to offer people with mental health problems a safe place where they can live their lives independently, free from judgment and discrimination. Having a lot of experience in supporting people in need, I can honestly say that even a bit of help can make a difference.

Maria Murray



I am passionate about mental health and through personal experience of supporting someone with these problems I understand how important support and accessible services are. We need to continue to support those affected by poor mental health, increase awareness and reduce the stigma associated with it.

Elizabeth Perricone

Solace Café Support Worker

Elizabeth Perricone

I love my job and find every shift at the cafe different and varied. We have all types of visitors, with different diagnoses and problems, and it is really rewarding to see the difference it makes to their lives. I’m interested in the connection between makeup and beauty – mental wellbeing/self-esteem, and using it as an occupational therapy.

Sue Revell

Community Wellbeing Support Worker

Sue R

I retired from social work expecting a quiet life in the country. After volunteering for the music group things moved differently! Now I support clients in a variety of ways including our very own Skiffle Band. It’s great to be part of a thriving and creative organisation providing caring, flexible support within the community.

Angela Riley

Volunteer & Administration Support Officer


My background is in Learning and Development, from designing and facilitating courses to coaching and mentoring. I am delighted to join a team where their sole purpose is for the benefit of others and I look forward to using my skills and experience to add to what already is a dynamic team.

Tracy Sandland

Senior Office Support Coordinator

Tracy Sandland

I’m looking forward to new challenges and opportunities. I’ve had a varied career ranging from the property industry to children’s services. My expertise is administration and I’m proud now to be now part of a team delivering support and awareness to the mental health field.

Sue Sargeant

MHAG Coordinator

Sue S

Beginning as a volunteer I quickly became impressed with the vision and dedication of everybody involved. West Kent Mind is committed to raising awareness of mental health and providing vital services in the community and I feel proud to be part of such a caring and dynamic team.

Sarah Thomas

Community Wellbeing Support Worker

It is so rewarding to be involved with the therapeutic programmes, as it is a privilege to be a part of this step in someone’s journey.

I find it amazing to see the changes people are able to make in their lives in a relatively short period of time.

Carole Wick

Housing Support Worker

I have supported people with different needs for many years. I am now looking forward to working with people with mental health problems and supporting them in a caring environment. Hopefully they can live a more independent life and gain confidence to deal with challenges in their lives.

Tanya Wright

Community Fundraiser

Tanya Wright

I’m thrilled to join the energetic Community Development team. As a qualified counsellor with over 10 years experience it’s great to now be able to combine that experience with an innovative approach to fundraising and make a difference to local mental health services.