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Our Service Team

Jill Roberts

Chief Executive

Jill - staff format

After my first 5 years at West Kent Mind I’m delighted with our development of services to meet more needs and to support mental health and wellbeing in West Kent. Equally I’m delighted with our impact in reducing stigma around mental health problems. Looking forward to the next 5 years.

Ruth Brown

Projects & Administration Manager


I have worked alongside people with varying mental health problems for the past 16 years. I feel my professional and personal experiences can help others and I am keen to oppose the stigma  that often goes with mental health. I am pleased to be part of such a great team here at West Kent Mind.

Jennifer Godfrey

Community Development Director

Jenny Godfrey

I am the Community Development Director at West Kent Mind, responsible for and passionate about raising awareness of mental health and our charity’s services, and fundraising to continue supporting people experiencing mental health problems.

Marie McEwen

MHAG Manager

I’m proud to work with a positive and proactive team, and I really look forward to work each day. It is so important to stop and engage with people around us, to show we care and to help each other. We need to talk more openly about mental health, which affects people of all ages, gender, and nationality.

Chris Morgan

Training & Development Consultant

I have a background in management, having been a director of an engineering company for 25 years. My work in mental health is inspired by my own experience of depression and subsequent recovery. I want to support West Kent Mind in any way that I can to continue delivering excellent services.

Brian Pugsley

Communications & Lead Counsellor


I worked in mental health near the start of my working life, then had a lengthy spell in sound engineering. Now I have trained as a counsellor, and I’m delighted to work on communications and media as well being the lead counsellor in our counselling service. My work has never felt more important or rewarding.

Lucy Adams

Community Development Manager


I’m happy to be part of the Community Development team. We spend much of every day talking about mental health. At events, in the community, in businesses and at schools. Our mission is to raise awareness and funds in the most fun and creative way possible and encourage everyone to take mental health seriously.

Hattie Barden

Community Wellbeing Support Worker

Hattie Barden

I began as a Mums’ Support Group volunteer and loved what we did to support mums struggling with children and mental health. I now facilitate the Art Groups as well as the Mums’ Support Groups, and thoroughly enjoy every minute. I am proud to be part of this incredible team, and to see the difference we make.


Pets as Therapy Dog

I and my pet human Simon regularly attend Community Wellbeing Services. I particularly enjoy Cook ‘n Eat on a Wednesday, when there a lots of people around and lots of interesting smells. As a Pets as Therapy dog I’m very well behaved and enjoy being with people and listening to their stories.

Emma Crawford

MH4Schools Administration


It’s very important that people with mental health problems and their carers can say what they think about mental health services to the people who provide them, and I’m glad to part of a great team that makes that happen. These people are often stigmatised and ignored. Their voices need to be heard.

Karen Dix

Community Wellbeing Support Worker

Joining West Kent Mind as an Art group volunteer I was immediately touched by the important work they do in reducing stigma and encouraging inclusivity. After a lifelong interest in mental health, I love working on our many wellbeing projects and being part of the team raising awareness in our local area.

Caroline Hollobon

Administration Assistant


I have previously worked for a variety of companies and enjoy using my skills to provide administrative support. It is important to raise awareness of mental health problems and offer somewhere to go for help and support. I thoroughly enjoy being part of such an incredibly caring and professional team.

Kasia Kalinowska

Housing Support Worker


It is absolutely brilliant that we are able to offer people with mental health problems a safe place where they can live their lives independently, free from judgment and discrimination. Having a lot of experience in supporting people in need, I can honestly say that even a bit of help can make a difference.

Tazmin May



I am excited to join the team as an apprentice! After personally experiencing the effects of mental ill health, it is something I am passionate about and take great interest in. I look forward to the future – supporting those in need and helping to make a difference!

Marion Murphy

Housing Support Worker

Marion Murphy

I am happy to join the housing team and bank team for the new Solace Café. I’ve worked previously in a variety of social care settings, gaining a range of skills and experience. It’s great to share a passionate belief in the rights and wellbeing of individuals with mental health problems, and to play my part in this work.

Lyanne Nicholl

Fundraiser and Bid Writer

After 10 years in the charity sector I’m delighted to join West Kent Mind. I’m inspired by their work to raise awareness, encourage businesses and schools to focus on mental health as a preventative measure, and helping vulnerable people. I hope that my experience and enthusiasm will help West Kent Mind to thrive.

Katie Moss

MH4Schools Coordinator


Being part of the Community Development Team is a busy and varied role. I am very pleased to be part of the MH4 Schools Project, as raising much needed Mental Health awareness in our schools is very rewarding. As a counsellor I believe this work to be of invaluable importance for our young people’s future.

Sue Revell

Community Wellbeing Support Worker

Sue R

I retired from social work expecting a quiet life in the country. After volunteering for the music group things moved differently! Now I support clients in a variety of ways including our very own Skiffle Band. It’s great to be part of a thriving and creative organisation providing caring, flexible support within the community.

Tracy Sandland

Senior Office Coordinator

Tracy Sandland

I’ve recently joined the team and am looking forward to new challenges and opportunities. I’ve had a varied career ranging from the property industry to children’s services. My expertise is administration and I’m proud now to be now part of a team delivering support and awareness to the mental health field.

Sue Sargeant


Sue S

Beginning as a volunteer I quickly became impressed with the vision and dedication of everybody involved. West Kent Mind is committed to raising awareness of mental health and providing vital services in the community and I feel proud to be part of such a caring and dynamic team.

Sarah Thomas

Jasmine/Headspace Administration

It is so rewarding to be involved with the Jasmine and Headspace therapeutic programmes, as it is a privilege to be a part of this step in someone’s journey. I find it amazing to see the changes people are able to make in their lives in a relatively short period of time.

Carole Wick

Housing Support Worker

I have supported people with different needs for many years. I am now looking forward to working with people with mental health problems and supporting them in a caring environment. Hopefully they can live a more independent life and gain confidence to deal with challenges in their lives.

Siân Williams

Community Wellbeing Support Worker

Sian Williams

For the last five years I’ve worked for a mental health charity in Maidstone so am pleased to make it my mission to use my experience to support our valued clients and to build on our much-needed services, so important for so many experiencing social isolation.