Fundraising tips and ideas

Take your mind through this suggested A-Z listing of ideas – if nothing captures your imagination, feel free to suggest your own ideas and be sure to let us know!


A – Z of fundraising ideas



Abseil – have your friends and family sponsor you to scale a tall building. These can be arranged by the KM Charity Team.

Afternoon tea – invite friends to share in afternoon tea. Charge a small entrance fee and go all-out with the fairy cakes and cucumber sandwiches. Very civilised.



Bag packing/collection at local supermarket – rope in a few friends. You will need to get permission from the supermarket manager, and book in a day for you to come in. You will need to contact them as soon as possible as they book up in advance.

Back to front day – get sponsored to wear your clothes the wrong way round for a whole day.

Band – are you in a band? Could you put on a show in aid of West Kent Mind?

BBQ – summer isn’t summer without a BBQ. Ask your guests to make a donation to West Kent Mind.

Beauty product party – know any sales agents of beauty products?  Offer to host a party, then invite your friends and ask that any commission on sales goes to West Kent Mind.

Blow bubbles – popular with the little ones, why not have a sponsored bubble blowing time. Easy to arrange, great fun and raises money for West Kent Mind.

Book-a-thon – if the weather keeps you inside, challenge yourself to read as many books as you can and get sponsored to do it.



Car boot sale – raise money and have a clear out at the same time!

Car washing – tell your neighbours that you intend washing cars one day or weekend and book them a slot each! Involve the children too if you need to!

Classical concert – are you in an orchestra? Could you put on a performance in aid of West Kent Mind?

Collections at service stations or train stations – fancy dress and friends to help are again a very good idea. You will need to contact the individual service or train stations’ manager for permission.

Cook wear party – know any sales agents of cook wear products? Offer to host a party, invite you friends and ask that any commission on sales goes to West Kent Mind.

Cycle – how far could you cycle for charity? It doesn’t need to be outdoors, you could set a target on an exercise bike.



Darts – organise a darts match in your local pub.

Dinner party – host a dinner party and ask for donations from your guests. Perhaps some dinner party games could also be included to boost funds for West Kent Mind?



eBay – list and sell your unwanted items via E-bay and donate the proceeds to West Kent Mind. Raise money and have a clear out at the same time!



Fancy dress sporting event – choose a sport, for example netball, hockey, basketball, football, rugby, tennis; and organise a game where all players must wear fancy dress.



Garden party – whip up some cucumber sandwiches, dust off the picnic tables and crack open some Pimms. Charge a small entrance fee and organise a collection during the fundraising event.

Garage sale – raise money and have a clear out at the same time!

Give up a vice – whether it is smoking, biting your nails or your daily chocolate bar, get sponsored to give it up for a set period.

Golf match – organise a golf day for friends.



Head shave – be brave and get sponsored to have your head shaved!

Hike – get sponsored per mile you hike.



Ice some cakes – and then sell them! You could do this over a period of time at several events. You may also be able to ask your friends and family to bake and sell cakes at their workplaces.



Jewellery party – know any sales agents of jewellery? Offer to host a party, invite your friends and ask that any commission on sales goes to West Kent Mind.



Karaoke – charge people to enter. The winner is the person who receives the loudest applause.



Local sports match collection – you will need to get a group of about 10 people together. Contact any sports clubs in your area and ask them if you can do a collection at the start, half time and the end. If they agree then ask if they would mention it in the programme the week before or on the day and announce it over the tannoy. Fancy dress would be good for this as it always attracts attention and therefore means you will collect more.

Ladies night – invite friends over for a film and some pampering! Collect some donations whilst you relax.



Murder mystery evening – host a murder mystery evening asking for guests to “pay to play”.



Nuts challenge – fancy your chances at finishing an army assault course? Book and pay for your place on The Nuts Challenge and get sponsorship for West Kent Mind to complete it.



Odd job days – lawn mowing, DIY, carrying shopping, walking dogs…offer your services in the neighbourhood – no job too small! Dress in a superhero costume to get noticed!



Pool competition – people put money in a pot to enter; the winner takes half of what’s in the pot, you take the other half.



Quiz night – try a quiz night.



Request – that a group in your local community donate a collection to West Kent Mind. For example, your church, scouting movement club group, youth group or school.

Rowing – get sponsored to row on a rowing machine; aim to row the equivalent of crossing the channel (or half way across).

Run – raise money and meet a personal achievement at the same time. Locally there are many organised events that you pay an entrance fee for and are then free to obtain sponsor money for your own good cause.



Sponsored silence – can you talk for England? Reckon your family and friends would pay good money to shut you up for a day? A sponsored silence is a really easy fundraising activity to organise.

Strawberry and Cream tea party – hold the party in your garden on a sunny day and charge for tickets.

Swim-a-thon – get sponsored per length. If you’re a fit swimmer, try to swim the equivalent of crossing the Channel (or half-way across).



Themed party – a fun way to raise money!

Treasure hunt – if it’s raining you can hold it inside. The winner is the first person to find the prize!



Unwanted gift sale – get your friends and family to donate any unwanted gifts. Then flog them shamelessly!


Video gaming party – ask guests to “pay and play”!



Walk – organise a sponsored walk.



Xmas panto – maybe you are in an amateur dramatic organisation and fancy putting on a show in aid of West Kent Mind.



Yoga marathon – get sponsored to do yoga for a day.



Zip wire challenge – raise funds whilst walking high. An example of a local zip wire event company that you can book and pay for yourself to go on is Go Ape. Venues include Leeds Castle and Bedgebury.

ZorbingKM Charity Team arrange water zorbing events.