Debs Raymond takes on the Great South Run

Congratulations and huge thanks to Debs Raymond who has just completed the Great South Run and has raised over £2,600 for West Kent Mind! Debs chose to run for West Kent Mind after her close friend took her life in 2012.

Here is what Debs said:

She was just like me; had lots of loving friends, a wonderful and supportive family, a growing career, hobbies she was proud of, she liked keep fit and healthy and so on. She led a full life and was happy for much of the time, but she also suffered with severe depression and other mental health challenges. Like many people in her situation, she sought comfort in the use and then abuse of alcohol.


In her endless quest to find a cure for her depression and her alcohol problem, she came into contact with the drug Baclofen. Because of the mismanagement of withdrawing from this inappropriate drug, tragically she took her own life.


Since then, my family and I have become close to her wonderful parents who I am so grateful for now knowing. They try to do as much as they can to support West Kent Mind, a local charity who help support people with mental health issues.


So, I am running for my friend, who I still miss very much. I’m also running for her parents, running for myself and running for anyone who is impacted by mental health challenges – isn’t that all of us?

We rely heavily on the support of our community to continue being able to provide local mental health services. If you would like to take on a sporting challenge for West Kent Mind, we would love to hear from you! Please email us or call our Community Development team on 01732 744950.