Local Mental Health Network

Local Mental Health Network (LMHN) meetings, previously known as Mental Health Action Groups (MHAGs) form part of the Mental Health User Voice (MHUV) contract in Kent.

What do they do?

  • They provide a facilitated platform for service users, carers and stakeholders to take part in discussions and problem solving around locally evidenced issues.
  • Local engagement providers will provide latest local feedback from people using and caring for those using mental health services. These identified trends and issues will create topics for discussion with a view to finding local resolution where possible.
  • They will in turn inform a county wide understanding of how people are experiencing mental health services and support positive change and improvement of services.
  • They will also provide opportunities for professional networking across mental health service providers in primary, secondary and community services in all aspects of health and social care needs.

Who can attend?

LMHNs are open to anyone using mental health services or caring for, or working with, people who are living with mental health problems.

Who are engagement providers?

Engagement Provider organisations are responsible for collecting people’s experiences of mental health services and helping to provide local resolution and signposting. These experiences are used to inform the LMHNs and mental health services.

Details of how to give your feedback can be found in this Mental Health User Voice leaflet.

There are 8 Kent wide LMHNs, plus the County MHAG which is by invitation only. The 9 groups are:

Each group meets every 3 months. See the complete list of dates and venues for year 2019/20.

See the LMHN Terms of Reference (October 2019).

West Kent Mind provide administrative support for all 8 local LMHN meetings across Kent, plus the County MHAG. See the LMHN Privacy Notice for information on how we process data in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).