Time to Talk

Let’s start talking! Thursday 4 February is Time to Talk day, it’s a chance for all of us to be more open about mental health, to talk, to listen, to change lives. The focus of Time to Talk Day this year is on the Power of Small, we know that a small conversation about mental health has the power to make a big difference.

Time to Talk is a nationwide campaign to get people talking more openly about mental health for one day. The focus of Time to Talk Day this year is on the Power of Small, because however you have a conversation about mental health – whether it’s a quick text to a friend, a virtual coffee morning with colleagues, or a socially distanced walk and talk with your family – it has the power to make a big difference.

Do you need help getting the conversation started with your friends, family or colleagues? Do you know how to make someone really feel heard and understood? Join Lucy, Ceri and Lorna, our training team, for Let’s Talk, a short, online interactive workshop running 10am-11am & 1pm-2pm on 4 February. Places are £25 per person, and are limited so book your place soon! For more information & to book click here





Need some more inspiration?

⭐Have a virtual coffee morning with colleagues – here’s #teamWKM together on Zoom!
⭐Hosting a virtual movie night is a great way to bring people together and talk about mental health. Choose a movie that you think portrays mental health problems well and download an app like Netflix Party that lets you chat with your friends and family while watching.
⭐Still not got round to making #lockdown banana bread? Put your baking skills to the test with a virtual bake off. Choose a recipe and bring everyone together on a video chat to bake it at the same time. You can talk about mental health while you bake.
⭐Walk and talk. Sometimes it’s easier to have a conversation when you’re doing something active. Why not arrange a socially distanced walk with someone you are allowed to meet, or encourage your family to get outside and chat about how you are all feeling?


Arts and craft activities are a great way to start conversations, either in person or virtually. Our Creative Minds community groups have been using colour, words, photos and illustrations to explore the power of small things to make a difference to mental health.

They’ve also been talking about inspiring others, and brightening someone’s daily walk by creating rock paintings and small eco tree decorations to hide in local parks, chalk drawings on pavements or pictures stuck in front windows. Is this something you could do? Share your pictures with us!



What small things help to lift your mood or brighten your day? Share your pics with us on social media.

Here are some of team WKM power of small!

“A warming ginger tea before heading out for the morning dog walk!” Stevie
“Making my own body scrub” Danusia
“My garden- a lovely place to take some time out. I escape out here several times a day.” Lorna
“My daily walks with Frank have been invaluable, he motivates me to spend more time outdoors” Kate
“I’m always delighted to spot one of these tiny furtive birds.” Brian
“The colour of daffodils on a grey day makes me happy!” Louise
“Cleo’s laid back cattitude to life definitely helps to keep me calm.” Ceri
“I grow my houseplants from little babies which is really satisfying!” Anna

“My daughter gives me handwritten ‘love notes’ almost every day. It helps to put a smile on my face on a tough day.’ Abi

We’ll be sharing lots of ideas, advice and top tips next week across our channels for Time to Talk day, please join in and together we can get West Kent talking about mental health 💙

Head over to the Time to Talk day website www.time-to-change.org.uk/time-talk-day/ for lot of ideas, resources and inspiration to get everyone talking about mental health.