Every year more people die by suicide than from all of the several armed conflicts around the world and, in many places, about the same or more than those dying in traffic accidents. In England, the figure is about 5,000. For every suicide, there may be up to 100 times more who are injured by non-fatal suicidal behaviours.

How can further deaths and injuries be prevented? How can we support people to choose life when something prevents them from seeing a way forward?

Most people considering suicide share their distress and their intent. Training can help us see and respond to these invitations to help. It can give you the confidence to ask about suicide if you are concerned about someone’s safety. It can provide you with the tools to help prevent the immediate risk of suicide.

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ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) is the foremost practical training for caregivers seeking to prevent the immediate risk of suicide. The ASIST programme has been continually updated since inception in 1983 by LivingWorks Education, a suicide intervention training company. The emphasis of the 2 day workshop is on suicide first aid, on helping a person at risk stay safe and seek further help. Key objectives are to:

  • consider personal and societal attitudes to suicide
  • enable you to spot the signs that someone may be having thoughts of suicide and engage them in a safe, appropriate and non-judgemental way
  • seek a shared understanding of the reasons for thoughts of suicide and identify reasons for living
  • review current risk and develop a joint plan to keep someone safe from suicide
  • follow-up on all safety commitments, signposting for further help and community resources as needed

We also run a basic half day Suicide Prevention and Awareness workshop as an alternative to the 2 day training.

The next ASIST training will be announced here. The course is facilitated by two qualified ASIST trainers. As a part of our charitable mission, we are offering this valuable training at only £175.

To book and securely pay for up to 4 delegates, go to our online booking form.

Call 01732 744950 or email us if you want to book more than 4 places, or to discuss bringing the training to your organisation.


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