Mental Health Training for Frontline Staff

This one day course offers improved confidence and understanding for frontline staff who may be providing services to people with mental health problems. Since its launch in April 2013 the course has been a runaway success with bookings in Dartford (x2) Gravesham (x4) Ashford (x4) Ipswich (x2), Sevenoaks (x2) and Tonbridge.

Every frontline worker from any kind of service will have a percentage of customers or clients with mental health problems. The course provides an overview of common mental health problems and gives learners key skills and strategies to help them provide better services and improved customer care. With one in four people experiencing a mental health problem at some point in their life time, all service providers should consider training their frontline staff in mental health.

Some typical feedback from the training:

“Very informative and useful day both from a work and personal point of view”


“Nicole was very good and interactive with us. We covered a lot of material and it was very helpful”


“Found the course very useful and full of information I didn’t know. Loved the group activities!”


“Very informative and flexible course using a variety of media”

Call 01732 744950 or email us to find out more about the program and to arrange training for your organisation.


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