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Suicide Awareness and Prevention

We are pleased to have been chosen by Kent County Council to run a programme of free Suicide Awareness and Prevention training across Kent. We have experienced extremely high demand for this programme, with over 500 applications received and processed in the first round of dates and venues. We are now releasing the second and final round.

Every suicide is a tragic event which has a devastating impact on the friends and family of the victim, and can be felt across the whole community. While the events and circumstances leading to each suicide will be different, there are a number of areas where action can be taken to help prevent loss of life. It’s a difficult and often taboo subject, however we can all learn to listen to and help someone who is having suicidal thoughts. This half-day training highlights the importance of listening, offers some basic do’s and don’ts, and also creates a rare and valuable opportunity to talk openly about suicide. People completing the training can expect to have:

  • increased awareness of suicide prevention issues and risks
  • increased confidence to reduce suicide risk and signpost appropriately
  • increased awareness of relevant support services within Kent

This free training is suitable for people who:

  • work in front line health, community safety or other public sector roles
  • are employed in private sector businesses
  • are volunteers with relevant charities or third sector organisations or
  • are private individuals

Places will be offered on a first come first serve basis, so book early to avoid disappointment.

The programme runs from December 2017 to March 2018. All remaining dates and locations are now available for applications.

Choose your course from the table below. There are two separate 3-hour courses on each day, so you will be choosing the time slot you want. Then go to the online application form.

Monday 19 February9.30am - 12.30pmFULLY BOOKED
Monday 19 February1.30pm - 4.30pmFULLY BOOKED
Thursday 22 February9.30am - 12.30pmFULLY BOOKED
Thursday 22 February1.30pm - 4.30pmFULLY BOOKED
Monday 26 February9.30am - 12.30pmFULLY BOOKED
Monday 26 February1.30pm - 4.30pmFULLY BOOKED
Monday 26 February9.30am - 12.30pmFULLY BOOKED
Monday 26 February1.30pm - 4.30pmFULLY BOOKED
Tuesday 27 February9.30am - 12.30pmFULLY BOOKED
Tuesday 27 February1.30pm - 4.30pmFULLY BOOKED
Thursday 1 March9.30am - 12.30pmFULLY BOOKED
Thursday 1 March1.30pm - 4.30pmFULLY BOOKED
Tuesday 6 March1.30pm - 4.30pmFULLY BOOKED
Tuesday 6 March5.30pm - 8.30pmFULLY BOOKED
Wednesday 7 March9.30am - 12.30pmFULLY BOOKED
Wednesday 7 March1.30pm - 4.30pmFULLY BOOKED
Thursday 8 March9.30am - 12.30pmFULLY BOOKED
Thursday 8 March1.30pm - 4.30pmFULLY BOOKED
Monday 12 March9.30am - 12.30pmFULLY BOOKED
Monday 12 March1.30pm - 4.30pmFULLY BOOKED

Now go the online application form.

This programme is funded by Kent County Council in accordance with the Kent and Medway Suicide Prevention Strategy (2015-2020). The strategy recommends that as many people as possible are trained in mental health and suicide prevention.


Suicide Awareness and Prevention (KCC)

WKM funded by KCC