Suicide Awareness and Prevention

Suicide is a difficult and often taboo subject. However we can all learn how to listen to and help someone who is having suicidal thoughts. Not everyone is able to take the full 2 day ASIST training, so we have developed a half-day workshop. It is suitable for anyone working with vulnerable clients and anyone interested in learning more about this important subject.

The workshop highlights the importance of listening, offers some basic do’s and don’ts, and also creates a rare and valuable opportunity to talk openly about suicide. The workshop is led by Chris Morgan. Chris is qualified as a Mental Health First Aid and an ASIST trainer, and facilitates our Mental Health Awareness workshops.

We also ask you to assess your experience of the workshops. Here is some typical feedback from previous workshops:

“A lot more understanding about suicide and has made me think differently. It has enabled me and given me positive actions to take if I come in contact with the situation”


“A very useful workshop, giving me a better understanding of suicide and how I could help someone and also look out for warning signs”


“Affirmation and confidence to continue to be open and ready to listen and discuss suicide and mental illness. Part of my self-development, this has helped to affirm how far I have come on my own journey”


“Practical measures on how to keep clients safe – who to contact etc.”


“I have gained knowledge around warning signs and most effective ways to communicate around suicide”

The next workshop(s) will be held at our Sevenoaks Wellbeing Centre as below:


The cost is only £50 per person, and any surplus generated goes towards supporting the work of our charity.


Suicide Awareness