Understanding Stress workshop

This 3 hour workshop is an introduction to understanding stress and learning ways to combat stress in daily life. It is suitable for anyone who:

  • Finds themselves overwhelmed with feelings of stress, either on a regular basis or from time to time
  • Has an interest in how we behave and why we respond to situations in a certain way
  • Wants to learn tools to help manage feelings of stress and how to cope in stressful situations

During this workshop we will discuss what stress is and what happens in our bodies when we start to feel stressed, anxious and/or overwhelmed. We will look at how patterns of behaviour can form over time, meaning that we can get stuck in unhelpful ways of reacting to stressful situations. You will learn ways to cope, tools to help when we feel overwhelmed, and an introduction to the core concepts of Mindfulness.

On: Tuesday 2 July from 10am until 1pm

At: West Kent Mind Wellbeing Centre, Sevenoaks

Cost: £50 per person, includes refreshments

To find out more or to reserve your place, email Tanya Wright. When you have received confirmation of your place(s), please use the drop-down form below to make your payment using PayPal or your credit/debit card.

Understanding Stress payment form


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