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Workplace Wellbeing

West Kent Mind offers a full range of tailored training options for businesses, delivered online or face-to-face, to suit your requirements.

MHFA England Courses:

Courses can be arranged exclusively for organisations, or individual places can be booked on one of our open courses.

  • Mental Health First Aid
  • MHFA Champion
  • Become Mental Health Aware


Mental Health First Aider mentoring

Mentoring sessions for trained Mental Health First Aiders, aimed at supporting them in carrying out their roles in a safe and effective way.  Sessions are for 6-8 participants and provide a forum to discuss challenges, offer support and guidance, share experiences and provide a reminder of the framework in which to work and the importance of boundaries and self-care.


West Kent Mind Bespoke Training Courses:

 Mental Health Awareness Session (1 hour)

This is an introductory session which covers the following key points:

  • What is mental health?
  • The impact of Stress & Anxiety
  • Noticing changes
  • Enabling Conversations
  • The importance of self-care
  • Support and resources


Understanding Stress and Anxiety (90 minute workshop)

**CPD certified**

Stress is our bodies’ natural response to excessive pressure or demands; anxiety is a reaction to the stress. When does a natural response become problematic, and how can we support someone who is experiencing the symptoms of anxiety? This interactive workshop delivers the following key learning outcomes:

  • Causes and impact of stress
  • How to address stress
  • What is anxiety?
  • Understand anxiety disorders
  • Recognise signs and symptoms
  • How to support ourselves and others
  • Signposting to further support


Understanding Depression (90 minute workshop)

**CPD certified**

We may all have times when our mood is low, or when we’re feeling sad but when these feelings don’t pass, it can have a huge impact on how we think, feel and function in everyday life. This 90 minute, interactive workshop covers the following:

  • What is depression?
  • Recognise signs and symptoms
  • Understand the impact of depression
  • How to support ourselves and others
  • Signposting to further support


Mental Health Training for Managers

**CPD certified**

These interactive sessions are two hours long, for a maximum of 20 participants.

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduction to mental health, mental illness and stress
  • Recognising signs and noticing changes in staff wellbeing
  • Confidence to initiate & manage conversations around Mental Health
  • Effective communication and the importance of listening
  • How to support remote working best practice
  • Implementing boundaries and self-care
  • Support and resources


Workplace Wellbeing Strategy

We can support your organisation’s wellbeing strategy in a number of ways:

  • Bespoke workshops and short courses
  • Drop in wellbeing sessions
  • Lunch and learn or evening workshops
  • Guest speaker slots on webinars, away days and induction programmes
  • Contributions to blogs, wellbeing resources and welcome packs


For further details on any of these options, please speak to a member of the team or contact training@westkentmind.org.uk



Wellness Actions Plans (WAPs) are an easy, practical way of helping you to support your own mental health at work, and if you are a manager, helping you to support the mental health of your team members.  Download free guides from Mind for employees and line managers here.


Watch MHFA England’s guide to supporting your mental health while working from home