‘Let’s Grow’ allotment project

We’re delighted to announce a new collaborative ‘Let’s Grow’ project with Clarion Housing. We are managing their allotment of large raised beds at Lodge Oak Lane in Tonbridge. This is a community project which will include people with and without mental health needs. It is open to the public and to Clarion Housing tenants local to Tonbridge. It will run two days per week and on bad weather days will be based at our Tonbridge Centre in St. Mary’s Road.

For more information please contact us on 01732 744950.


Allotment project

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News from the Allotment


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17 August

It’s been a great few weeks at the allotment with beetroot and kale ready to harvest! Beetroot I recommend roasting in the oven with a bit of oil, kind of like a jacket potatoes. You then peel the skin off and eat!! Kale is delicious and full of vitamin A and C, often cited as a superfood it’s great just simply steamed or if you’re very brave you can even make a smoothie out of it!


Our plethora of tomatoes is also starting to yield fruit although still far too green to eat, we will leave them on the vines for a while yet till they have soaked up enough sun (hopefully!) and nutrients to ripen.

French and runner beans are now on their way, a lot of flowers were produced which should means a lot of beans!

Beetroot, kale and beans!

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13 July

The last few weeks we have spent planting up our prepared beds and letting nature take its course! With a bit of TLC on our part! As you can see some of crops we have planted have taken off!

Kale when first planted up:

Beetroot, kale, beans and tomatoes

Thanks to Andy for putting up the bean poles, here he is hard at work on his plot!

We have had a few issues with pests, Andy has tried putting plastic bottles on poles to scare the birds off, it has been v effective!

We have one more section of the allotment to plant up so we will keep you posted on which plants make the grade!

Happy growing!

There is a time to sow!

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8 June

We have been very busy last few weeks putting lots of effort and burning lots of calories getting our beds cleared and ready for planting! Who needs to pay for a gym!!!

We have pulled out a large amount of weeds and have found a lot of bindweed…this is difficult weed to eradicate as it can reproduce from small fragments of root that get left in the soil so we will be keeping on top of this by regularly weeding and hoeing and giving the beds regular digs throughout the year.

We have also got our gazebo giving us some protect from the sun! Big thanks to Sheena from Clarion Housing for sorting this out for us.


We had some great afternoons under the gazebo seed sowing for our propagators, we did some sunflowers, cornflowers and tomato plants. Hopefully will start to see these popping up in next few weeks!

Good weeds and sweet peas!

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25 May

We have started to win the war against the weeds!!! Our aim is to get the soil to a ‘fine tilth’ this is the best soil structure for our seeds to germinate and grow in. Getting to this start requires us to get out as many weeds as we can and rake and break up the clogs to achieve this consistency. However not all weeds are bad…

In fact weeds are often seen defined as being simply as ‘ a plant in the wrong place’! One of our volunteers identified a number of weeds around site that have their own valuable properties…

Nettles – can make a great fertilizer, being stewed in water to create a compost tea, the tops can also be used in cooking.



Dock – great natural remedy to apply to skin after having been stung by a nettle!


Chamomile – used in herbal teas.


Cleavers – also used in herbal teas, its sticky stems were also useful for us as a makeshift twine!


We spotted some beautiful fragrant sweet peas coming into flower in one of our beds, so we made a frame using some canes and our cleavers twine giving the flowers a support to climb up.

Picking the flowers regularly will also encourage further blooms, and also gives us some lovely flowers to take home!

First week!!

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Friday 18 May

Thanks for checking out our first blog post for the Tonbridge allotment! We will have weekly updates with news and pictures of our progress in turning the site from a jungle into a little patch of serenity!

We have four raised beds at the allotment which first and foremost are requiring an epic weeding! Many thanks to our volunteers this week for starting this task, it was a warm week and we burnt through quite a few calories!

Below are some picture of our progress showing the how the beds initially looked and the dents we have started to make in the undergrowth! Lastly a picture of one of our volunteers Sarah getting to know one of the friendly dogs that potters around the allotment! Encouraging wildlife is going to be one of our aims with this project so hopefully some more images of creatures we managing to spot will be to come!