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Associate Counsellors

We recognise the value of counselling in improving and maintaining mental wellbeing, and aim to make available counselling to anyone who can benefit from it. In addition to our affordable counselling service we have a team of “associate” counsellors who are in good standing with us through their work as volunteer counsellors, trainers, and facilitators.

West Kent Mind verifies the qualifications, experience, professional registration and professional insurance of associates, and supports them by creating the directory entries below. Associate counsellors rent therapy rooms from our Wellbeing Centres in Sevenoaks and Tonbridge.

In this way West Kent Mind is able to assist clients who want to pay for private counselling by offering a choice of counsellors who are aligned with the aims and objectives of the charity. In private counselling there is generally no waiting time, often the possibility of evening or weekend appointments, and no limit to the number of sessions. By using the services of our associates you are also supporting the work of West Kent Mind through the room rental fees.

When a client begins work with an associate counsellor, the relationship is then that of client and private practitioner. However we welcome any feedback about the service received.

Current associate counsellors are listed below. Click on the arrowed box to read more about each counsellor.