Exploration of Anger

Do you struggle with your relationship to anger?

Maybe accessing your anger makes you anxious? Perhaps you feel overwhelmed by anger, or you fear acting on your angry feelings and suppress them inside?

We have a new free 8 week course aiming to explore how you experience anger by building an awareness and understanding of what anger means for you. In the course we explore patterns of anger, how anger is held in the body, and what lies underneath this emotion. We look at anger using a creative approach with practical exercises. We also explore coping strategies and possible alternative responses.

Exploration of Anger is devised and led by West Kent Mind’s Art Therapists Sarah Jane and Kerry.

The course is open to both men and women. There is no charge, however we ask that you commit to attending.

Note that this course is not suitable for people who have been advised or instructed by a third party – for example a court or partner/family member – to seek anger management.

West Kent Mind Wellbeing Centre
34 St John’s Road
Sevenoaks TN13 3LW
(meeting in the Art Room)

8 Thursday afternoons from 1.30pm – 2.45pm, starting on Thursday 6 February

If you are interested in joining please email us or call 01732 744950 to arrange an informal assessment.


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