Mental Health for Business

MH4 Business is a collection of training courses and workshops to help businesses and organisations manage workplace wellbeing. A happier, more fulfilled workforce means increased productivity.

Email Lucy to ask about our 60 minute ‘Introduction to Wellbeing in the Workplace’ session for up to 30 employees to enable your organisation to start the conversation around mental health.

With stress being the biggest cause of workplace absence, let West Kent Mind work with you to reduce absenteeism. We can help you with training, education, awareness raising, creating wellbeing strategies, and developing an open culture about mental health and wellbeing.

See this short video about our 2016 partnership with AXA PPP Healthcare to hear some feedback about our work.

Stand up against the stigma attached to mental health and demonstrate your corporate social responsibility. Help us continue to support people experiencing mental health problems, in particular those looking for volunteering and ‘return to work’ part-time employment.

If you are contracting to deliver public services, we can help you meet your obligations under the Social Value Act 2013 by finding innovative solutions for you to add social value in your community.

By choosing West Kent Mind and its experts as your mental health and wellbeing training provider you are guaranteed a professional service.

Stuart Harman, Culture and Wellbeing Manager at AXA PPP Healthcare, said:

“AXA PPP Healthcare are proud to have worked closely with West Kent Mind over recent years to help develop and promote our internal health & wellbeing culture. Their expertise and passion for supporting good mental health has been an invaluable addition to our programme and our staff have reciprocated in kind by voting them as our ‘Employee Chosen Charity’ for 2016.”

Read more about what we can offer below. To find out more email Lucy Adams or call 01732 744950

Learn at Lunch

Struggling to find the time for Training? Our one hour bite-size sessions, which can be held in your offices over lunch, may be the answer. Sessions available include:

  • Mental Health Awareness
  • Mind Fitness Interactive Sessions
  • Handling Stress in the Workplace
  • Mental Health from the Legal Perspective
  • Stress Less

Mental Health at Work

MHAW logoMental Health at Work is a community interest company with a mission to reduce the stigma around mental health in the workplace. West Kent Mind is licensed to deliver workplace mental health training packages developed by Mental Health at Work. Read the brochure to learn more.

MH4 Business Resilience - Managers & Supervisors

This 3 hour course offers a guide to managing mental health problems in the workplace. It is aimed at line managers and supervisors, and includes work-based scenarios and practical tips. Particularly suitable after participants have already attended a SMART workshop or MHFA Lite course.

Participants will be able to:

  •  Understand the concepts of resilience, stress, and mental health
  • Have confidence to manage stress and mental health issues in the workplace pro-actively
  • Know what the law says in relation to employees and stress at work
  • Understand what reasonable adjustments are, and how to implement them
  • Be able to develop ideas that will help to support their teams and build their resilience

MH4 Business Resilience - Employees

This 3 hour course offers an introduction to building resilience in individuals and teams. Aimed at all employees. Particularly suitable after participants have already attended a SMART workshop or MHFA Lite course.

Participants will be able to:

  • Understand the concepts of resilience, stress, and mental health
  • Identify personal strengths and build on them
  • Have confidence to manage stress and mental health issues in the workplace pro-actively
  • Develop ideas to build and manage their own resilience

Mental Health Awareness

It is essential that we all have a broad understanding of mental health. It can affect us all. This half day workshop uses a mix of information, personal experience and exercises. It is an excellent and stimulating introduction to mental health for everyone.

Participants will be able to use their understanding to support staff and colleagues more effectively, look after their own mental health, and contribute to a healthier workplace.

Mental Health First Aid

Mental Health First Aid is a first aid approach to mental health from which every organisation can benefit. This comprehensive 2 day course teaches participants to:

  • provide help on a first aid basis
  • be confident helping someone experiencing a problem
  • prevent someone from hurting themselves or others


Mindfulness is a growing phenomenon and this introduction asks:

  • What is Mindfulness?
  • What are the workplace and life benefits?

It’s a two hour interactive workshop including a taster exercise to help you incorporate Mindfulness into your daily life.


Sometimes people need a one-to-one approach in which they can work with deeply personal matters such as relationship difficulties, stress, bereavement and other difficult life situations.

Counselling is a confidential one-to-one talking therapy delivered by trained, skilful practitioners who can support people with their problems and help them to make effective changes in their lives. Affordable and easy to access.

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