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New Beginnings

Please note that the New Beginnings project is currently suspended. We plan to restart the project, subject to circumstances outside our control.

New Beginnings is an innovative project for people in west Kent who have problems with hoarding behaviours and self-neglect. The project aims to improve their mental and physical wellbeing, and help decrease the need for statutory intervention.


We work with a client centred, holistic approach, aiming for long term change. We believe that the client’s autonomy and motivation can be enhanced so they can see the benefits of the change they want. This means progress can appear to be slow, but is more likely to be sustainable.

We offer various training and support packages to compliment the work that professionals already do with this client group and have a number of different options for training and client support which can be tailored to suit organisations.

For further information please contact Cath Jackson Hoarding officer cath.jackson@westkentmind.org.uk

Please note that our programmes and workshops – except a signposting contact –  require independent funding. Referrals will normally be through health or housing professionals who are able to access funds, however privately funded applications will also be welcome.