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Stress Less

Stress Less is a free 6 week programme to help you learn tools and techniques to manage stress better. Mindfulness, breathing exercises, guided meditations and movement together with a safe and confidential space for discussion can help you to feel calmer and less stressed.

The current programme is now full. The next Stress Less programme starts on:

9 January at our Sevenoaks Wellbeing centre on Tuesdays from 3.30pm – 5pm.

The free programme includes:

Guided mindfulness meditations to:

  • calm your mind
  • reduce anxiety
  • find space to be

Mindful movement to:

  • allow you to pause
  • cultivate focus
  • develop self-awareness

Breathing exercises to:

  • reduce blood pressure
  • promote feelings of calmness and relaxation
  • relieve stress

Tools and techniques to:

  • ground yourself in the present moment
  • regain a compassionate perspective
  • dissolve habitual, often negative thought patterns

Stress Less is supported by Sevenoaks District Council.

To make a referral to the programme please use the online referral form below.

Stress Less referral form

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