A whole school approach to mental health

West Kent Mind and St Michael’s Preparatory School (Otford) lead the way with a whole school approach to mental health awareness. Join us in congratulating the first group of parents to become certified Youth Mental Health Champions. We look forward to training a further 4 groups over the coming academic year.

St Michaels Mental Health Champions

Through our MH4 Schools programme we are working tirelessly to equip both teachers and parents with the knowledge and skills to help our young people cope with the increasing pressure and stress of everyday life. We hope that early intervention can avoid the escalation of these issues into something more serious.

With their strong belief that West Kent Mind’s programme in schools is essential, St Michael’s Prep are the first in West Kent to adopt this whole school approach. Working together, West Kent Mind and St Michael’s have embarked on a new programme to train teachers and parents as Youth Mental Health champions. We will also deliver training to teachers that will enable them to incorporate Mind Fitness for children and young people into their school curriculum.

Mrs Aisher, Head of St Michael’s Prep, said:

“In working with us to deliver Mental Health Awareness training to staff, parents and pupils, West Kent Mind regard us not only as their biggest supporter, but as their flagship school”

We have been working on our MH4 Schools programme over the last few years, with training delivered to over 6000 students and 1250 teachers at over 140 schools and colleges.

Jill Roberts, CEO of West Kent Mind, said:

“With more children and young people experiencing mental health problems, our whole school approach, will mean that more adults  can recognise the signs and symptoms of potential problems and will feel more confident to help and intervene.  Similarly children and young people themselves will learn new strategies to cope with stress and know when they should speak to a trusted adult. We thank St Michael’s Prep School for their support in leading the way”


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