We all face painful situations, difficult decisions and sometimes feel unable to cope. Counselling offers time and space to find more effective ways of coping with:

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Emotional and relationship difficulties
  • Depression and low self-esteem
  • Bereavement
  • Job loss
  • Other difficult life situations

West Kent Mind recognises the value of counselling in improving and maintaining mental wellbeing, and aims to make available counselling to anyone who can benefit from it.

We offer access via our Affordable Counselling Service (below) and private counselling from our team of Associate Counsellors. We also have a list of agencies offering free NHS psychological therapy under the IAPT programme.

Affordable Counselling

Our Affordable Counselling Service uses qualified volunteer counsellors and supervised trainees at an advanced stage of their training. Counselling is a process that requires a considerable commitment and dedication. To use and benefit from the service you need to attend reliably weekly 50 minute appointments, almost always on the same day at the same time. We have only limited ability to accommodate shift workers. The service operates on weekdays from 9 – 5pm, with only limited opportunities to be seen outside of these times. There is a fee for this service based on ability to pay, and the fee will be discussed at assessment.

You can request an assessment for this service by calling 01732 744950 or using our secure online referral form below. If you prefer, you can also download a PDF form which you can print and fill in by hand, or fill in electronically. When we have received your assessment request, if it seems that we can offer the right kind of help we will contact you to arrange a free assessment appointment with a senior counsellor from the service. If it seems that we are not the right kind of help we will contact you to signpost other sources of help.

There is a very high demand for this popular service, and unfortunately a waiting list. Currently you can expect to wait approximately 10 weeks for an assessment, and about 20 weeks before counselling can begin.


Counselling assessment request


Private Counselling & Psychotherapy

In addition to our affordable counselling service, we have a team of qualified and experienced “associate” counsellors who are in good standing with us through their work as volunteer therapists, trainers, and facilitators. Our associates offer private counselling and psychotherapy from our Wellbeing centres in Sevenoaks and Tonbridge. Visit our Associate Counsellors Directory page to find out more.

By using the private services of our associates you are also supporting the work of West Kent Mind through the room rental fees.

NHS Therapy

Free time-limited therapy, including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), is available on the NHS through the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme. IAPT works with people suffering from mild-to-moderate anxiety disorders, depression and trauma. In West Kent all IAPT face-to-face psychological therapy is provided by We Are With You (formerly known as Thinkaction).

We Are With You  0300 012 0012

A second provider is Ieso, who offer CBT online only.

Ieso digital health  (online CBT )


If you feel that your problem is of an urgent or critical nature, for example if you are feeling actively suicidal, you are self-harming or if you think you are a danger to others, then you may need a crisis service. Please go straight to the Get mental health help now section of Kent County Council’s website.

West Kent Mind is an organisational member of the BACP and adheres to their professional ethics.

If you are interested in a role as a volunteer counsellor or a supervised training placement please see our volunteer counsellors page.